Devon based horse and dog photographer, capturing and creating memories to last a lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is really nervous, naughty or has no recall....

Do not give it a second thought, mine is exactly the same. It is your dog's character and that is why we love our pets so much isn't it? Their cheeky, noisy, nosey, naughty antics that have you laughing one minute and tearing your hair out the next. I have oodles of patience, there are no time restraints so we can take as long as we need. We can have plenty of down time, breaks and maybe we can even have a cup of tea! Your pets' welfare is paramount. I believe in fun and kindness to get the best from your dog on the day.


My horse is really cheeky or nervous...

I never put you or your horse in a dangerous situation or under pressure, we work within your horses’ capabilities. I have plenty of tricks and proven formulas for getting the best out of your horse. For the more anxious ones, I suggest having their stable or field buddy nearby at all times.


My dog has to be kept on a lead....

Absolutely no problem. For safety reasons I usually request that they do stay on a lead, unless you have the world obedience champion of course but there is no pressure and it is entirely up to you. I am a professional at removing leads and owners too in post production!


Where my horse lives isn’t very photogenic…

Let me be the judge, honestly, I can find beauty in the strangest of places, that’s my job and I love the creativity.


I’m not very photogenic…

I'm not keen on being photographed either. You do not have to be in any photographs if you do not wish too. However, I love to capture your relationship so maybe just part of you. Leave the flattering angles to me, you won’t regret it. I make the whole process natural and fun so you relax. It's about your relationship and connection with your bestie.


What if it is raining....

No one likes the rain, a bit of drizzle is fine, especially if we are shooting in woods and water locations. However, I am more than happy to reschedule at no extra cost to you. My goal of the shoot is to get the best images for you of your best friend, for you to put on the wall or have in an album to treasure for ever, that is worth rescheduling for.


My pet is getting on or not in the best of health...

No problem, if your pet is not up to travelling I can come to you. I am happy to travel to your home, it is amazing what stunning images we can capture in and around your home. You won't even recognise it.

If your dog is okay to travel but not in good health we can modify the shoot around them to not create any stress and still capture beautiful images of your best friend to treasure for ever.


Can you photograph me and my family with my pet.....

Of course, I love to capture that special bond you and your family share with your pets. I can guarantee that in years to come you will be glad you have those images to look back on.


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